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Want to learn the difference between and

When you hear the word WordPress from someone it can mean two things.The first meaning can be that it is about which is a website builder.The second meaning here can be about which is an open source software that can be used to install on your own hosting

So which is a better option for you to choose for your blog?I will explain in detail in this post

Mainly is the central place for the open source Content Management System(CMS)which is called a self-hosted WordPress. Anyone interested in downloading the software can go to and download the software so that you can install it on your hosting.Most of the hosting providers make it easy for you to install the WordPress software is useful for you if you don’t want to install WordPress software on your hosting.It makes it easier to get started and create content right away.But actually when people refer to the word WordPress actually it is about the open source WordPress

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Differences in detail is simple to use.As discussed earlier you can create the content right away but there are some limitations with which you lose complete control over your has different plans and what you get out of WordPress depends on the plan you choose.The most expensive plan which is known as business plan gives you better flexibility over your website but still there are limitations

You can expect better control over your website with will have more flexibility by this open source WordPress than