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Blogging and marketing tips for you

Niche is the topic of your blog i.e upon which you are going to create your posts. Sticking to a topic and writing posts on that topic is tough because most of the bloggers may shift from one topic to another unknowingly

Our goal is to be laser targeted about what topic  you are going to write about  and you should also keep in mind the targeted audience while choosing your topic

You should see that you choose a topic which gets good traffic and it is profitable as well. You should also see that it is quite easier to write posts on a topic.If you find it is tough to write on a topic don’t select that topic

There are certain things that need to be taken care of while choosing a niche

1.Your passion and  interests

  2.Click value for that topic     

3Search Volume                       

4 What kind of trend it has

Now I am going to give you tips to choose a niche

1.Write a list of interesting topics                                           

The first step is to write a list of your interesting topics especially the topics which you are passionate about.

2.Which is better passion or profit?                                         

 The most important thing to note down is that you should write on topics which you are passionate about and profitable as well.This is the key to success.You should see whether you can write on a particular topic that you have selected.You should also  research on the ways you are going to make money i.e what kind of affiliate programs are available for you to promote on your blog

3.Try to opt for evergreen niches                                         

You should see how your niche will contribute to your blogging journey.You should always check what kind of trend  a particular niche has in Google  Trends