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Website is not always required to build an email list. But if you have one it is a good option.

Reaching an audience through email marketing is easier than blogging and creating blog posts because the visitor has to visit the blog for them to see what you have to offer

Steps involved in creating an email list without building a website


When you visit some of the websites you will see a popup appears as you land on the website. This is called a  sign up form

Aweber allows to setup a signup form without a website. They will host sign up form for you.The only thing you need to do is drive traffic to the  form

The first step in doing this is setting up an Aweber account and setup a signup form.The process is same as setting up one on a website.Choose from different templates available and write a better title for it

After creating signup form see that you choose the option for Aweber to host the sign up form for you.This will create custom URL for sending traffic to the URL


Visitors need a reason to subscribe to your list.This is when opt in bribe comes in

An opt in bribe is an asset you entice visitors to subscribe to your list.This can be an eBook, video series, or a webinar

How do you deliver your digital asset to your subscribers?If your email service provider does not support hosting of digital assets then you can use lead magnet feature of Leadpages or you can use WordPress  to host your file if you have WordPress

3.Getting traffic to your Sign up form

1.Create a Facebook page and put a signup button on your page

2.Tweet your custom URL on Twitter and PIN your tweet.

3.Drive paid traffic using Google ads or Facebook Ads

4. Nurturing your Email List

   Develop a healthy relationship with your list and see that your subscribers get quality and useful content.Learn that the ‘Money is in the List’.So be alert and take care of the content that is delivered to your subscribers