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You are sending emails day after day, month after month. Suppose you send automated emails having great subject lines, great email content and attractive Call to Action buttons but still you are not seeing changes in your email CTRs.and you are wondering where things went wrong then you are at the right place to know the reason

In this blog post I am going to give you tips to boost conversions, one of the  reasons why most marketers invest time in email marketing

1.Take care of images

Inserting images in emails can drive conversions sometimes and also prevent them at times.If you find one of your lists respond positively and your conversion rate is increasing then continue with your previous way of inserting images.But the fact is that majority of email subscribers are disabling images in their emails

The solution to this problem is to use plain text emails and most companies are seeing success with this way.If used correctly HTML rich emails can also do wonders.You can use ALT tags to your images so that people will get influenced  to enable images to see what you are providing in the images

2. Segmentation

The best way to improve your conversion rate is to segment your list into categories and then send segment-specific emails to your subscribers so that they are targeted and the chances of increasing conversion rates are higher.The secret here is that the more targeted and more aligned the emails are to the prospects interest the better the conversions can take place

3.One Call To Action

See that your email  is free from too many images,links and calls to action because the subscribers get confused with so many things and do nothing.Focus on conversions and see that you place one call to action in your emails i.e exactly the definte action you want your subscribers to take .This is because the more clear you are the better your output is

4.A/B Testing

It might take some extra work on your part to do A/B testing but the rewards are higher .The secret here is to make informed tweaks about any aspect of your email.If you want to increase conversions experiment with various versions of the email to see which ones work better