Web hosting is a necessary service for all websites. A web hosting service should always be reliable and provide you with as many options as possible. The benefits of hiring a web hosting service are extensive. Web hosting services provide users with an improved site performance. The performance of your website is extremely important. This either attracts visitors to your site or deters them. If your site does not have high-performance, it will seem outdated and more difficult to use. Online visitors have a short attention span when it comes to websites. If your website takes too long to load, they will not stay. Performance is key to success.

The following web hosting companies are top ranked…


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services on the market. The features of Bluehost include live chat available all hours, five email accounts and unmetered bandwidth. They offer new users a free one-year domain. Their plans are affordable and start around $2.75 per month. The features of their service are improved backups, improved security, as well as a free SSL certificate. Their uptime is nearly unmatched at 99.99%. They have proven consistency for users. Their loading time is 0.4 seconds, making it one of the fastest in the web hosting category.


Interserver was founded in 1999, Interserver’s users vary from small businesses all the way to top Fortune 500 companies. All of their web hosting services are completed in-house. The team builds their own servers and develops their own network with fiber-optics. They underutilize resources in order to provide top uptime performance overall. Regardless of which web hosting plan a user selects, their uptime performance is consistent. Interserver’s facilities are extremely secure with biometric points of entry, HVAC units and a raised floor structure in order to protect servers from potential water damage. Interserver‘s data centers feature an entire staff of specialists and guards at all times to protect the facility.


Hostgator has been in business for over 10 years. They are a respected name in the industry. Hostgator is known as a shared hosting provider. They feature dedicated/ VPS options for sites that need to scale. Their infrastructure and support team carries a trustworthy reputation. With their service, users can add on more features as needed. They offer 62% off during a user’s first three years.


A2 Hosting is a service that provides “money back guarantee.” Users are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of initiating an account. The refund is then prorated after the first 30 days. This is not a feature commonly seen with other web hosting services. Their customer service team is efficient and responsive to users. A2 Hosting‘s servers are secure, as they take extra steps and precautions to protect your website’s integrity. A2 Hosting provides a total of six types of hosting: WordPress, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated and Cloud.


Hostinger’s speed is one of their prominent benefits. They are one of the most affordable web hosting services available on the market as of today. Their speed is 350ms, with a 99.75% uptime. Their customer service response time is quick and available 24/7. Hostinger’s apps include Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress and Drupal. Hostinger’s hosting plans include three main options such as shared, VPS and cloud. The price for their service begins at $0.99 a month. This is one of the least expensive monthly rates available for a web hosting service.


Cloudways uses powerful servers in order to provide users with simple and strong hosting. Their service is priced at $10.00 monthly. Cloudways’s uptime is impressive and competitive with other web hosting services. The account tiers are flexible with Cloudways. Cloudways offers a free trial before officially signing up. The plan is a pay-as-you-go, monthly service. Cloudways has a unique approach to web hosting as they allow users to select from five main platforms. These platforms include Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. You can begin building your site with Cloudways without paying upfront. They offer a free three-day trial for users to experience the benefits of their service. Cloudways allows users to login with existing accounts for LinkedIn, Google or Github.


WP Engine’s hosting service has excellent uptime and flexibility. WP Engine’s customer service is reputable, reliable and responsive for users that need assistance. WP Engine features daily backups and real-time threat protection. WP Engine features Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting. Users have access to WordPress-specific security. WP Engine has been listed as an Editor’s Choice. WP Engine is highly efficient for getting your website up and running quickly and easily. All of WP Engine’s plans come with CDN, also known as Content Delivery Network. The load times for pages are speedy with WP Engine. WP Engine also provides proper staging environments for testing changes in a private environment. Users can transfer and storage high volumes of data with WP Engine’s service.


Liquid Web offers users three types of support. These three types are fully managed, core-managed and self-managed. Liquid Web’s team of professionals are well-equipped to help Linux and Windows users. Users can live chat or call for assistance from a customer service representative. Liquid Web protects their users and hosting environments. Query loads for Liquid Web are reduced by 95%. This increases their capacity by 75%.


The benefits of a proper web hosting service are endless. The small monthly investment is worth all the security and protective features. The features for each of the web hosting platforms are essential for successful websites. Protecting your website and ensuring optimal performance is top priority. All of your website’s files are stored with your host service provider. This is why each of these platforms emphasizes on security and privacy. Ensuring your host completes regular backups is beneficial for your information and protection. Each service is slightly different in their features, however they all prioritize reasonable monthly rates and protected servers.v